What we spotted
A co-founder tended to micromanage and did not understand business engagement.
What happened (according to the company)
A co-founder of a company had over a decade of experience in the field. He had managed the company for years, but as his team started growing, he started losing focus – constantly switching Project Manager and Lead Engineer roles. His work was delayed, and he didn’t communicate well with team members, which caused frequent misunderstandings. He also spent a lot of time micromanaging his team members, and this time away from his own work.

Overall, he is a well-liked boss with excellent technical skills and in-depth industry knowledge. He is realistic when handling problems and comes up with practical solutions. However, it was observed that while he was excellent at handling micro matters, he did not have a scaled-out view of the business.
Client’s feedback on the Saindex solution
The findings are accurate.

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