Hire the best person for the job, every time

While not every hire needs to be a star performer, they must have the readiness to get a good job – and that’s exactly what our StreetSmart Hiring solution lets you discover.

  • Will this person enjoy working in your company, and with your existing team?
  • Does this person have the practical intelligence (i.e., street smarts) for this job?
  • How committed is this person likely to be? (Will they stay and grow, or ghost us after a day?)
  • Will this candidate’s working pace fit our company?
  • …and much more
Hire the best person for the job, every time

The benefits of StreetSmart Hiring

See how you can identify suitable candidates for your SME, while building up your star performers and growing your reputation as a good employer.

The reverse
pitch process

Pitch your business to prospective hires, with our system guiding you.

Flag out

Using practical intelligence, our system identifies dishonest attempts and flags them.

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Freedom of

Invite candidates to respond in a manner that’s best for them – through writing, speech, music or images.


Personalise screening questions to find your candidates’ availability.


Give your most valued employees a unique opportunity to shine.

Expand your pool of candidates

Increase your chances of finding ideal talents

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Shortlisting the best candidates with
StreetSmart Hiring

It’s simple to get started, set survey questions and get insights on candidates with StreetSmart Hiring. Here’s how.

Set your pre-screening questions for your candidates.

Candidates will answer your screening questions, then view your company’s and hiring manager’s pitch.

Next, our StreetSmart Hiring solution:

  • Listens to what candidates say (and what they don’t say)
  • Understands their current situation and mindset
  • Uses practical intelligence to evaluate each candidate’s readiness and potential

Based on our observations, you will receive practical insights on each candidate.

These insights will give you clarity and allow you to make informed decisions, efficiently and confidently.


How “The reverse pitch process” works

A star feature in the StreetSmart Hiring solution, the “reverse pitch process”, flips the tables and makes you the interviewee. Our system will guide you through the steps, as you pitch your openings to prospects.

Key benefits:

  • Candidates get an inside look at your company, people and working culture
  • By setting the tone and aligning expectations with your pitch, candidates know exactly what to expect
  • Applicants will have realistic expectations of the job and working environment, even before the first interview
  • The reverse pitch acts as an organic filter, as non-suitable candidates will not apply – saving you time and money
  • As candidates appreciate your company’s transparency, your reputation as a good employer will improve

Ingenious Benefits

Let your stars shine

Allow your best employees to front your company as ambassadors, giving them an opportunity to shine and be recognised by candidates.

Simplify hiring

Stay focused on hiring candidates to fill necessary positions in your business.

Save time, lower costs

Improving your hiring ROI by finding ideal candidates in less time and with less effort.

Build your reputation

Develop a strong reputation as an honest, transparent employer.

Let candidates shine

Allow candidates to express themselves fully, beyond resumes and stereotypical interviews.


More features

  • Analyse a bigger pool of candidates, with our practical intelligence technology identifying suitable candidates for you
  • More choices of expression for candidates: writing, speech, music and images
  • Personalise your screening questions
  • Update candidates of their application status via email and/or SMS
  • View results and decide at you own time
  • Make your hiring process inclusive and transparent
  • Automatically delete respondents’ submissions after a period of time, respecting their privacy
  • Identify multiple attempts, multiple job position applications
  • Have dishonest applications flagged

Discover these Insights

Make fascinating and truthful discoveries about a candidate or employee. Simply choose the two factors that matter most to your company, and we’ll sort out the rest.

Work pace

Is this person suitable for fast-paced environments, or do they perform better at slower paces?

Approach to challenges

Does this person thrive with challenges? Get stressed? Or run away?

How they follow orders

How well (and willingly) does this person follow directions?

Personal factors that may affect their work

Does this person have anything in their personal life that could impact their work life?

How well they fit into your office

Will this person promote harmony – or disharmony – within their work environment?

*The specific insights, and level of sophistication offered, will vary according to the subscription plan you choose which is based on the size of your business.

Attract candidates who will genuinely love working with you by collaborating with Saindex

Attract candidates who will genuinely love working with you

Identify candidates with the street smarts, flexible skillsets (also called “bao ka liao potential”), and attitude your SME needs.
How It Works

In 4 simple steps

Step 1

Create your own pre-screening questions and job descriptions

Automate your application screening process and save dozens of hours which would otherwise be spent on coordinating, scheduling, calling and messaging candidates for information.


Step 2

Prepare your company’s “pitch” to prospects

We believe that your company’s most persuasive advocates, are your star employees. That’s why we start by showcasing your best employees to potential job applicants. Candidates who enjoy what your star employees say about workplace culture, expectations and dynamics, will naturally be people who will fit in well into your company.

This process sets expectations right, from day one, and saves hiring managers the hassle of deciding which candidates are a “good match”. (Hiring managers know this can be exceptionally challenging, as well-prepared candidates may give complimentary answers to increase their chances – even at the expense of truthfulness).


Step 3

Select key selection factors, review shortlisted applicants

Choose the factors that matter most in this upcoming hiring decision. Every company, and role, is different – so decide on what factors are most important for this position, and we will sort your potential candidates for you.

This process can save your company many hours, while also saving your applicants’ time – and will surely be appreciated by both hiring managers and job candidates alike.


Step 4

Decide on merit

Want to ensure that hiring decisions in your company are based on merit, and not influenced by other factors? (For example, a candidate’s gender, age or looks?) Now, you can.

We can keep all sensitive data – including names, ages, photos, addresses, etc. – concealed until you have confirmed the shortlist of candidates you wish to interview.


Expand your candidate pool

Increase your chances of finding suitable talents

Schedule your company strategy session now.

Frequently Asked Questions

Free trials are not available, as we believe that business owners should experience the full functionality of our practical intelligence-driven solutions – and use the practical insights and people analytics you receive to see significant improvements to your decision-making capabilities. If you would like to experience our solutions at a low fee, we recommend subscribing to our basic plan for one month.