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GroupFlow gives decision makers insights into what makes teams “flow” – knowledge that can guide business owners/management with making decisions on expansion, retention, promotions, employee well-being, and more.

Start with our Essentials package, then tailor other elements of the programme to suit your specific needs, challenges and ambitions – whether it’s identifying manpower issues that are potentially halting flow, optimising talent allocation, and more.

Simply put, GroupFlow cuts out the distractions that keep you working in your business, and gives you the insights to work on your business instead – optimising flow and revenue growth.

Fees (starting from)
(Ideal companies with at least 20 employees)
  • Design and implementation
  • Choice of context (choose at least 1)
    • Well-being
    • Environment and perks
    • Personal career and leadership readiness
    • Vision and purpose alignment
  • Survey assessments for 20 employees
  • Insights report
  • 1:1 Debrief (to decision makers)

*For companies with less than 20 employees, please refer to our FAQ for a pricing breakdown.

Additional survey assessments
  • Survey assessment for 1 employee
  • $100 each
Optional services
  • Findings debrief for managers
  • Findings debrief for team leaders
  • Findings debrief for selected departments/teams
  • Findings debrief for human resource (HR) team
  • 1-to-1 debriefing session for respondent
  • GroupFlow training for HR personnel (2 hours. Conducted in-person or virtually)
  • $3,200
  • $2,000
  • $1,800 each
  • $1,800
  • $100 each
  • $1,500
C-level services (optional)
  • Strategic advisory and consultancy
  • $35,000 


  • The fees stated above are for one full round of GroupFlow assessments.
  • As our training sessions and programmes are customisable to each business’s unique needs and requests, the fees indicated above are subject to change (based on specific requests) and should be seen as references only. Our team will advise you on the final costs, before proceeding.

4 pillars. 10 context selections. 360° insights.

GroupFlow insights are categorised into four key pillars, with each pillar offering direct managers up to 10 contexts that you can gather insights into. Choose from preselected combinations, or customise your own mix of pillars and contexts – it’s your choice, and your insights.

While these pillars offer direct managers deep insights into their employees’ subconscious perceptions, employers can also use GroupFlow to dive into the company (as an individual entity) too. Used holistically, GroupFlow presents you with a comprehensive 360-degree view of your business.


Four pillars and insights (examples)


Examples of

Insights on employees
Examples of
Insights for employers
(Viewing the company as an individual entity)
Well-being Is this employee excelling in the company? Are they struggling? Or are they stagnant? Gain a clearer view of the financial health of your company.
Environment and perks Are the office environment, company culture, and benefits valued highly by this employee? Learn about company’s standing in the industry when employees think of the environment perks.
Development opportunities Is this employee satisfied with the developmental opportunities they have in the company? Are the development opportunities in your business creating differentiation and helping you keep your best talents?
Vision Does this employee understand and share the company’s vision? Is your company an industry leader or follower? What is your current market share? company’s vision?

How often should GroupFlow surveys be conducted?

While getting into the flow is the initial goal of every GroupFlow journey, you’ll also want to keep the flow going all-year round. This means conducting periodic surveys to stay up to date with the “flow health” of your teams and their likelihood to continue performing at their very best.

We recommend any of the following plans:

Full GroupFlow assessments (2x a year)

Conducted twice a year. Effective for measuring “before and after” results

Partial GroupFlow assessments (4x a year)

Conducted four times a year (quarterly). Good for on-going monitoring and progress tracking.

Light GroupFlow assessments (6x a year)

Conducted six times a year (bi-monthly). Ideal for consistent monitoring, tracking and adjustments.


Ingenious Benefits

Let your stars shine

Allow your best employees to front your company as ambassadors, giving them an opportunity to shine and be recognised by candidates.

Simplify hiring

Stay focused on hiring candidates to fill necessary positions in your business.

Save time, lower costs

Improving your hiring ROI by finding ideal candidates in less time and with less effort.

Build your reputation

Develop a strong reputation as an honest, transparent employer.

Let candidates shine

Allow candidates to express themselves fully, beyond resumes and stereotypical interviews.


Supporting individual expression, unique business needs

Multi-language support

GroupFlow supports a wide range of languages, allowing you to capture accurate responses from every employee, no matter what language they speak.

Open expression methods

Employees can share their responses through their most comfortable form of communication, including speech, text, and visual inspirations (i.e., art, images, photos).

Available online or offline

Employees can respond via our simple-to-use online platform. Alternatively, the assessment can be done offline too, using traditional “pen and paper” response sheets. Note: We recommend online submissions for the fastest and most cost-efficient experience.

Stealth mode*

You have the option to brand your GroupFlow solution with your logo, colours and branding elements – so your employees won’t see any mention of Saindex or GroupFlow throughout the entire process.

*Available upon request with an additional fee.


Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you’re free to choose other pillars and contexts that will provide more value to your business. Some popular ones include cashflow position, compensation and benefits, among others.


Optimise your teams for peak performance

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