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The most innovative, productive, and effective teams are those that consistently achieve a flow state – a phase where everyone is in-sync, highly collaborative, and flowing in the same direction. While it’s possible to get lucky and chance into this flow state every once in a while, we’ve got it down to a science.

With GroupFlow, you can easily:  

  • Understand what factors contribute to group flow in your business
  • See whether your business (currently) has the “ingredients” to create group flow
  • Identify potential “flow blockages” and areas for improvement
  • Craft a strategy to create group flow across your business, seamlessly and consistently

The benefits of GroupFlow

GroupFlow is a business monitoring tool that helps you to build motivated, peak performance teams that are aligned with your company’s goals. 

These are some of the insights you’ll uncover with GoupFlow: 

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Understand your employees’ well-being and work-life harmony.


Discover whether your employees appreciate the company’s environment.

Personal development

Know if your business is meeting employees’ developmental aspirations.

How to Allow candidates to express themselves fully, beyond resumes and stereotypical interviews. Saindex Malaysia

Brand and vision

Realise if employees genuinely understand and believe in the core values driving your business.

Identify the elements of group flow

Build high-performance teams that drive your business


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3 steps to achieving peak team performance

Step 1:
Share a GroupFlow survey with your employees (managers and staff).

· Each person will answer the questions using their most comfortable form of communication. (i.e., Using speech, text or visuals.)

· Available as a simple-to-use digital survey (recommended) or in a “pen and paper” format.

Step 2:
Next, the GroupFlow solution will:

· Listen to what employees have said (explicitly)

· Read between the lines to also recognise what they didn’t say

· Understand their current situation, mindset and readiness levels

Step 3:
Based on our observations, you will receive insights that include:

· Evaluating the elements that your teams currently possess, which are contributing to group flow

· Identifying gaps that are impeding group flow (and how to fill these areas)

· Recommended strategies for optimising group flow


For leaders

Business owners and managers can use GroupFlow to gain insights into your performance as a leader – to identify what you’re getting right, and see where you can improve to set your teams up for optimal performance. 

Key benefits:

  • Ideal ways of positioning yourself as a leader
  • Methods for more effective communication with your team
  • How to best optimise the talents and manpower in your team
  • Confidently getting “buy-in” on your vision, ideas and directions
  • Assuredly aligning all team members with the company’s goals
  • Ways to tailor and sharpen communication with stakeholders at all levels
  • ……and more

Ingenious Benefits

Let your stars shine

Allow your best employees to front your company as ambassadors, giving them an opportunity to shine and be recognised by candidates.

Simplify hiring

Stay focused on hiring candidates to fill necessary positions in your business.

Save time, lower costs

Improving your hiring ROI by finding ideal candidates in less time and with less effort.

Build your reputation

Develop a strong reputation as an honest, transparent employer.

Let candidates shine

Allow candidates to express themselves fully, beyond resumes and stereotypical interviews.


For staff

Use GroupFlow to gain insights into individual members of your team identifying talents who deserve to shine, uncovering staff who are not ready for peak performance, and more.   

Key benefits:

  • Hidden gems who can help you grow the company
  • Recently promoted individuals who have plateaued in their position
  • Employees who are feeling stressed or burnt out
  • People who may be underperforming due to life issues
  • Candidates that may “ghost” the company after being hired
  • Potential “flight risks” who may quit soon
  • “Quiet quitters” who are no longer motivated to do good work
  • ……and more


Supporting individual expression, unique business needs 

Multi-language support

GroupFlow supports a wide range of languages, allowing you to capture accurate responses from every employee, no matter what language they speak.

Open expression methods

Employees can share their responses through their most comfortable form of communication, including speech, text, and visual inspirations (i.e., art, images, photos).

Available online or offline

Employees can respond via our simple-to-use online platform. Alternatively, the assessment can be done offline too, using traditional “pen and paper” response sheets. Note: We recommend online submissions for the fastest and most cost-efficient experience.

Stealth mode*

You have the option to brand your GroupFlow solution with your logo, colours and branding elements – so your employees won’t see any mention of Saindex or GroupFlow throughout the entire process.

*Available upon request with an additional fee. 


Frequently Asked Questions

Companies of any size can benefit from GroupFlow. We recommend this solution to any company (SMEs and MNCs alike) with at least twenty employees who work closely together.


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