Attract candidates who will genuinely love working with you by collaborating with Saindex

Attract candidates who will genuinely love working with you

Identify candidates with the street smarts, flexible skillsets (also called “bao ka liao potential”), and attitude your SME needs.
How It Works

In 4 simple steps

Step 1

Create your own pre-screening questions and job descriptions

Automate your application screening process and save dozens of hours which would otherwise be spent on coordinating, scheduling, calling and messaging candidates for information.


Step 2

Prepare your company’s “pitch” to prospects

We believe that your company’s most persuasive advocates, are your star employees. That’s why we start by showcasing your best employees to potential job applicants. Candidates who enjoy what your star employees say about workplace culture, expectations and dynamics, will naturally be people who will fit in well into your company.

This process sets expectations right, from day one, and saves hiring managers the hassle of deciding which candidates are a “good match”. (Hiring managers know this can be exceptionally challenging, as well-prepared candidates may give complimentary answers to increase their chances – even at the expense of truthfulness).


Step 3

Select key selection factors, review shortlisted applicants

Choose the factors that matter most in this upcoming hiring decision. Every company, and role, is different – so decide on what factors are most important for this position, and we will sort your potential candidates for you.

This process can save your company many hours, while also saving your applicants’ time – and will surely be appreciated by both hiring managers and job candidates alike.


Step 4

Decide on merit

Want to ensure that hiring decisions in your company are based on merit, and not influenced by other factors? (For example, a candidate’s gender, age or looks?) Now, you can.

We can keep all sensitive data – including names, ages, photos, addresses, etc. – concealed until you have confirmed the shortlist of candidates you wish to interview.

Expand your candidate pool

Increase your chances of finding suitable talents

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