Streetsmart Hiring - Identify candidates with the StreetSmart and “bao ka liao” potential for your SME needs. Start with understanding how their CQ work.

Streetsmart Hiring

应您的中小企业所需,甄别具有“一手包办”潜力的醒目人选。就先了解他们的肆应商如何运作 。

Rise & Shine BY INVITATION Not all employees could continuously rise and shine all at the same time. What if when they hit the Peter’s plateau, how do we then best support them? This module helps employees to regularly check-in their overall whole-being.

Rise & Shine by invitation

不是所有员工都能同时不断地上升和绽放光芒。如果当他们表现反映彼得原理时,我们可以如何 最好的支持他们呢?这方案帮助员工定期检查他们的整体情况。

Collaborators & Freelancers BY INVITATION Time or resources constrained MSMEs often go to expert freelancers or collaborators, find out first whether they are on the same page as you.

Collaborators &
Freelancers by invitation

时间或资源受限的中小微企业经常求助于专业的自由职业者或合作者,让我们先找出他们是否与 您站在同一阵线。